Software Translation and Localisation

Our software localization service guarantees the successful release of your products in all global markets. We localize using industry-leading technologies, experienced software, localization resources and industry best practice to ensure the successful translation and delivery of your project into any location.

We guarantee successful software localization through seven main principles:

Planning and risk management

Full localization of comprehensive resources and assets

Bespoke solutions provided for all our clients

Integrated and innovative technology to support and streamline processes

Precise allocation of skills and resources to each and every project

Transparent and frequent communication between all teams involved

Testing and verifying the end result of every stage of the localization process

CAT tools we use for Software and Applications Translation and Localization

At Saudi Language Services we have excellent command of all CAT tools used in Software and Applications translation and localization.

These tools enable us provide our clients with fast, accurate and cost-effective services.

Below is a list of some of the tools and applications we use:

  • Across
  • AidTrans Studio
  • AutoCAD
  • Catalyst
  • Déjà Vu
  • Heartsome Translation Suite
  • IBM TranslationManager
  • Idiom WorldServer
  • JCAT
  • MemoQ
  • MemSource
  • MetaTexis
  • MultiCorpora
  • MultiTrans
  • OmegaT
  • Open Language Tools
  • Robohelp
  • SDLX Translation Suite
  • STAR Transit
  • Tools
  • TRANS Suite 2000
  • TransAssist
  • Wordfast

Software & Apps File types & formats we support include:

#, Ajax .html .swf, XML
.asp, .aspx .jar C#, VB.NET Java, J#
.cfm .jsp C, C++, C# JavaScript, Jscript
.cgi .php ColdFusion Perl, Python
.cgi .pl CMS Perl, Python
.exe, .asp, aspx .pl Delphi PHP
.fla .rc Flash VB, VB.Net


and so many other file types and formats.

Saudi Language Services’ experienced and dedicated resources will manage the entire life cycle of your project, providing you with regular updates so that you can be confident your translation is in safe hands.

Below clients trust us with their Software Translation and Localization to Arabic

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