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Saudi Language Services welcomes the opportunity to work with experienced professionals worldwide. In order to qualify, you must be native translator of the target language and have professional-level experience in your chosen field, a university degree (Bachelor’s degree minimum) and an established record of performance in translation industry. We offer competitive rates and flexible assignments.

If you are qualified and interested, please email us and updated CV: [email protected]

Our Team Selection Process

Saudi Language Services carefully selects and monitors each team member. During the pre-employment resource testing phase of the selection process, we provide all potential specialized linguists with a complex test in one or two of their main areas of specializations.

Each test is scored by an expert linguist on a pass/fail basis. Those who pass the test and are hired are classified within our internal resource management system by their area of specialization. This allows for easy identification for a particular project. It also allows us to monitor their performance on every project and subject area.

In other words, the available resources with the highest scores on relevant projects will be selected for your project.

Saudi Language Services’ resources are carefully screened and closely monitored on all projects. This takes place from the onset and continues for the duration of their time as active members of our translation staff. This screening not only pertains to knowledge of a particular language but also mastery of all the technology tools essential for most projects.

Besides, the monitoring does not end there. Our three-step translation process is aimed at ensuring quality throughout the entire project. Editors review the work of the translators, proofreaders revise the work of the editors, and PM’s revise the work of the proofreaders. We also use share feedback among team members through the work phases. 

We also apply random QA checks on ten percent of our projects.

Our Team

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